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Believing it's possible is the hardest part of the battle to 6-figures

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What God has put on the inside must be awakened and ignited to a new level to take YOU to a new level. This is the push you need. Join us as we walk you through prayer, positioning, and preparing to make this your best year in business yet.
One -time payment of $21 because we only want people seriously ready to upgrade their business Mindset!
Have you experienced a year in which fear has been more prevalent than ever?
Now, more than ever, we are being called to turn up our faith!
What has this done to your belief on actually achieving 6-Figures in your business?

You've been given an assignment as a believer in business and it takes YOU being successful to fulfill it.

We are here to walk you through Biblical steps to re-ignite that fire inside.

Are you ready to move forward with faith producing action?
Are you ready to believe for 6-figures so you can make more sales and impact more lives this year and beyond?
But who are we and why are we telling you this?
We are two believers in business just like yourself. 
Cassie Kitzmiller, a Faith-Based Business Strategist, 
and Heather Dollar, a Social Selling and 
Success Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs...

+ small business owners...
AND wives...
AND moms...
AND sisters...
AND friends...
AND cooks...
AND home-makers...

We totally get what it feels like 
to be managing #allthethings...

AND we're here to help YOU! 

We are on a mission to help women with a heart for Jesus and a burning desire for a six-figure business that honors and glorifies the Lord, to simplify their path to 6-figures.

We know it takes the right mindset, the right foundation and the right offer... in that order.

It's one thing to know it's possible and hope that you get there one day... it's another thing to actually believe it's possible and see it!

Believing it's possible and seeing it is how you crank things up! 
One -time payment of $21 because we only want people seriously ready to upgrade their business Mindset!

Are You Ready To Believe For More?

We're here to get you started!
 21 day Push To A 6-Figure Mindset 
  •  ONLY for Christian women in business who want to focus on reaching $8k-10+k months
  •  Who are coaches, consultants or service providers. 
  •  Who are driven, determined and committed to taking different action to see different results .
What you REALLY need is someone to help you see what is truly possible and increase your faith to believe for it.

You know enough about business already, what you need is the mindset to believe bigger for what is possible for you and your future...

That's why this is not a course. 
It's time to stop talking about how good your business could be...
And start living it!
Truly believing in yourself is the hardest part, but we're here to help. 
That’s why we’ve decided to Combine our Expertise and spill our secrets To How We Shifted Our Belief To A Six Figure Mindset & built a 6-Figure business!
One-time payment of $21

Opps, you've missed this challenge, but you can go on the waitlist for our next challenge.

Don't just take it from Us... Take it from...
"This has been AMAZING. I have had so many aha moments over the last few days I don't even know if I can list them all... I think the biggest eye-opener for me was that I don't have to make the whole success number from one offer. Tied for biggest eye-opener was based on the way Cassie described the offers in each rung, I absolutely CAN provide enough value to sell high ticket offers! 

Raisa, Freedom and Business Coach
"Thank you Cassie Kitzmiller and Heather Dollar! This challenge was amazing and life changing. I have had some great mentors and coaches in the past, but the one thing that was always missing was having God at the center. "

Brooke, Chiropractor and Natural Conception Coach

So here's how the 21-day Push works...
  •  A couple times a year we run our powerful 21 day push...
  •  ONLY for Christian women in business who want to focus on reaching $10k months
We see all the time...

how much entrepreneurs LOVE to learn and consume content...
... like a comfort food...

You get all excited and inspired...

Feel super motivated...

Then get back to your daily grind and feel frustrated because...
The results you were hoping for never materialized. 
Things standing in your way like an invisible barrier haunting you...
Blocking you from achieving the successful, lifestyle-focused business you dream of!
So can we ask you a question?
What would 21 days of one simple task a day and one simple prayer to pray do for your business?

We know what a major impact that can have on your belief, confidence, and sales!
 no new strategies
 no more hours of course content to fit in
 no more hopeful motivational splurges with zero support
 and no universal fluff! 
(We believe in the God who made the universe!)

21 days of faith based actionable tasks along with 21 days of prayer prompts to motivate and push you into action.

Unparalleled mentorship from 2 faith-filled leaders in the industry here to serve you in taking the dreams God laid on your heart to the next level.

Inside the 21-Day Push you're getting:

  • 7 powerful faith producing exercises so you can confidently believe God for what feels like a miracle.
  • 7 days of action to help you breakthrough your impossible and commit to a VICTORY plan!
  • 7 steps to six figures so you can put action behind your faith and pursue your victory!

We're not focused on giving you more to learn, but pulling out all that great knowledge you already have and bringing clarity, purpose and passion on how to take it to the next level.

We could've made it a free challenge...

but you don't need another free challenge. 

You need a fresh commitment to yourself, your dreams and your success. 

We're being bold and calling out those committed to taking the action necessary to see real change happen in you and your business in the next 21 days. 

We're committed to providing you unparalleled support and accountability...

And free coaching!!!!
If you were to book a coaching session with one of us outside this challenge, we charge a minimum of $450/hour. And that does not provide access to both of us. 

For $21, if you complete all 21 days, you can book a FREE 6-Figure Offer Audit with us where we go deep into fast-tracking your path to 6-Figures!

So remember....this is not another time-consuming course, but rather...

Simple daily tasks and prayer support to build your belief while building your business

One-time payment of $21

Opps, you've missed this challenge, but you can go on the waitlist for our next challenge.

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